The US Virgin Islands is one of the most unique places on earth, combining some of the planets most incredible reef systems and a community culture like no other. We will create an in-depth look at our island community based on the islands heritage and beauty that surrounds us and the sea-life that calls our islands home. We will look directly at the efforts being made to help protect and preserve the natural resources of the Virgin Islands, the relationships being built between government agencies, local agencies and our community to help in this preservation, and the outside factors affecting the reef systems and sea life in the VI. We are approaching each section of the film from a different angle. These will include personal profiles, artistic works, environmental Issues and historical retrospectives, We will also include, heritage and culture and our surrounding natural beauty. Local footage filmed over the past 5 years, locally produced music, and a look at the people on the front lines of environmental preservation in the Virgin Islands will be used as well. From locally formed organizations such as CORE and Friends of the VI Parks along with federal protection agencies including NOAA and CRCP, our research and background scientific information will be from the best sources in the world. This film will be dedicated in memory of local educational legend Mr. Guy Benjamin.

Hook and Line

An in-depth look at the (Fisheries) fishing traditions of the VI and an examination of the changes that have taken place over the past 20 years.  A look at the heritage and culture of a long lost art. The community interactions with governmental agencies controlling the rules and regulations for our local fisheries.   Traditional and current approaches to this “life through the sea” art. 

Lions of the Deep

Lions of the Deep: (Activism) the invasion of the lion fish into our local waters (CORE) An up-close look at local efforts to rid our waters of what could become one of the worst ecological disasters in this area in the past 30 years and how the VI community is stepping up. (STJ, STT, STX) CORE Representation in the islands, beginnings, where we are now, future plans. How local government agencies and the community play a role in preventing this ecological nightmare. We will have local school involvement with students and faculty in collection and research. Group Awareness, front line work, environmental effects. 

Breeding Grounds


The Beginnings of Life, Our reefs, mangrove systems and sea-grass and Sand beds, their overall importance on the local growth of protected species in our Nationally Protected Reef System. NOAA-CRCP, NPS. A close look at Interaction with the community and preservation techniques. The effects of run-off and local economic growth on pollution of protected areas. The mangrove habitat in Hurricane Hole, St. John specifically provides protective environments and ecologically important habitat for many land-based and marine organisms. These areas being the beginnings for life as we know it. It is therefore necessary to build a working relationship between local and governmental officials that facilitates enhanced coordination and promotes consistent and strengthened application and enforcement of laws and authorities intended to address land-based sources of pollution. The USVI boasts many areas across its islands that need this relationship to come to fruition… and quickly. 

Locals Only
  • The Saying Says: “Help Starts at home” and indeed our local community plays one of the largest roles in the protection of our underwater natural resources. Our Reef system is home to hundreds of different species of fish and plants, locally produced music by CROW.  A wide angle, Dream like flow through the reefs. (STT/STJ/STX)

Rythmn Of Life


A unique look at life below the waterline in relationship with the community around Us. A Underwater Reflection of our lives. Dancing fans and swirling soft corals. Original Music from the High Hopes Band and Beau Brock.